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Culligan of South Jersey has some of the best water softening, filtration, and bottled solutions in the area. With our daily offers and discounts, ensure your family gets the best deal possible for better home water quality.

Whole Home Filtration Bundle Starting at $64/Month.

Explore the wide range of Whole House Filtration Systems with South Jersey Culligan's special bundles starting at $64 per month.

Combine water softeners, carbon filters, reverse osomosis systems and more, to make sure you are getting cleaner, safer, healthier and better-tasting water in your home!

Reverse Osmosis for as low as $23/month!

Cleaner Water. Smarter Deal.

Don’t settle for anything less than excellent drinking water for your home and family. Get cleaner, safer, great-tasting water with Culligan’s Aquasential® Smart Reverse Osmosis (RO) Drinking Water Filtration System, starting at just $23/month.

$300 Off a Total Home Water System

Get up to a $300 credit when you trade-in or upgrade to a new Culligan system

Culligan Bottle Free Cooler $9.95/mo!

For a limited time, get a Culligan Bottle Free Cooler for your home or office for just $9.95/mo for the first 3 months!

A Culligan Bottle Free Cooler is the smart alternative to delivered 5-gallon bottles of water -

  • Never run out of water
  • No need to store empty bottles of water
  • Never miss a delivery
  • One predictable monthly bill

Rent a Culligan® Drinking Water System for $9.95/mo

Want to see the difference a Culligan Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System can make for your family in your home? Try us out!

For a limited time, you can get a three-month trial on a Culligan Drinking Water System for $9.95/mo.

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