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Do You Have Well Water? Water Filter Solutions for South Jersey’s Water Quality

Covering all of South Jersey and parts of PA, your water comes from a huge variety of sources, but mainly it covers well water and municipal water. 

Though Jersey is thought of as a more urban state, many of its residents use well water as a primary source. Are you one of them? There's more you should know. 

Because well water sources are maintained privately, it's up to the homeowner to take care of it. This includes annual testing, filtration and recognizing any issues with contamination. 

One of the largest issues South Jersey residents face in their water is iron, which is prevalent in well water sources. 

City water is also heavily regulated, regularly tested, and may come with additives like chlorine or fluoride, depending on where you live. Well water treatment typically has none of these characteristics.

Because a lot of these sources are surface water sources, the quality of the water (and the methods used to treat it) can vary seasonally.  This is due to environmental factors and the individual municipality responsible for treating the local water.

Whatever your water problems or questions, South Jersey Culligan Water has a solution.  Learn more about our filtering solutions for tap water and find the resources you need to improve your drinking water.

Are you moving to or living in the South Jersey Area? 

It could be polluted with anything from bacteria to nitrates, lead, VOC's or radiation. Your pitcher or faucet-mount filter won't catch all of these things. Call us to get your water tested today. 

If so, you may be required by your municipality to test for arsenic, bacteria, lead and nitrates -- particularly if you have well water. Call your local South Jersey Culligan. We provide a FREE water analysis with an option for a lab test. 

The South Jersey can bring with it a number of water problems, from hard water in municipalities to problem well water in the rural areas and near the beaches. South Jersey Culligan Water is proud to serve:

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